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His eyes are bloodshot red. His large nostrils have flared up. There’s not enough oxygen to sustain them. His hands vibrate like the blender. They seek to destroy. His unstable breaths are haphazard and heavy. I see from his heaving chest, his heartbeat dances to no rhythm in particular. I shouldn’t have dropped the teacup. He hits me, right across my face. My sight is blurry but I’m thankful that this time it’s not mother. I’m thankful that this time I can carry this cross for her. He pulls me up with my left ear. His breaths are beginning to stabilize. “Clean this mess up.” I scurry away. I tuck the child into his cot and sing to him a silent lullaby. I miss mummy already but I don’t want her to come back home tonight. I want her to go to a quiet place for just one night. Somewhere…

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