Shine down in fluorescence,
Calm all my pertubance,
Lest this world break my every sense,
Heal me at a glance.

The watery deeps, you paint blue,
My thoughts; the dominant hue,
Bless me with this cresent,
My pain let me vent.

It’s time I defamed great Armstrong,
Time I mocked this Noel,
For journeying many miles strong
-With Mama, I need no fuel!

For you I greatly bless Providence,
You shine and I am grateful,
Give light, make bright with your essence,
Hold my cries; they’re hateful.

You grace the skies with silent fame,
Your lips be silent, your eyes would tame,
Dispel dark cravings with your light,
Your cane; my every fight.

Though you be stone, blow high and cold,
I’ve felt your warmth; I’ve seen your dark,
This love, dear Mama, it won’t smell old,
I know One Moon; ’tis listrous black.


“Some have stood as mothers- some are.”

Artwork by Kenart


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