Ardour of the hour glass,
Silences ‘the fates’,
Pregnant with forecast,
Heavy as dark ale.

Of a trader in passing;
Fallen birds cite too late:
“Tease the man of artful classing
-a foul trick; absquatulate!”

Let Sinister chide and entangle,
Along with Clandestine;
Will sit as judge over all wrangle,
Who dares foretell our next line?

A little here; a little there,
Clothe them all with Sadness’ hue,
Whence there will be tear; Death borne with despair,
Sell ‘em grand fabric the colour of Blue.

Oh Nefarious Playwright,
Contemptuous Coveter!
All wrongs, steer right,
Dark wisdom preventer.

Who makes Knight?
Whispers, “Credence”?!
Great ones spites?
Blames ‘Providence’?

Leave ‘Him’ speak truth,
Lest he despise that gender;
Let’s name him a ‘Ruth’,
Still, we wrongly engender.

When it, our feeble minds fail to control,
We watch it slip: “Alas, have a go!”
I know of its nature: Time is a Troll!
The fabled ‘Blue Merchant’: Keeper of “Long Ago”.

In all might, with all grim,
‘Tis not close to ‘almighty’,
Though it the Stars and Sun adore,
Shall bow low to one; ‘tis messenger of God!




8 thoughts on “BLUE MERCHANT

  1. This is quite the poem you’ve put together. Particularly intriguing for me are verses that compel the artist/playwright to fix his evils and prevent the propagation of ‘dark’ wisdom and the following verse that poses an inquisition to the reader. At least this is what I understand those verses to mean.
    However I do bother about the inconsistency of your rhyme scheme. While some verses appear free, without any scheme, as abcd, I find that the ones that do, make an attempt at the abab scheme but come crumbling down. entangled and wrangle should not rhyme except you had wrangled. Clandestine and predestine do not rhyme either. I also thought that since you had verses that had a scheme the whole poem might as well follow suit.
    Albeit it is art, very well marked by freedom. And as such you might have prior thought up my ‘critique’ and worked this up nonetheless.
    I do read/learn a lot from your work, so you’d forgive me if I felt this was a little tiny weeny bitty lacking in that respect.
    Other than this, the blue merchant is a great piece.

    • I am much honoured that you took time to read this- and thanks for asking. This piece is about ‘Time’, as if it were an actual person. However, I chose to conjure up rather deep stanzas, followed by…well, easier-to-understand ones. I rather believe that ‘clandestine’ goes by |klandestin|, except of course, you may have contrary suggestions, and ‘predestine’-something something-|destin|. As to the wrangling entanglements, I seem to have made a mistake. I’ll see to it that I do not foul your pleasure, Sire!
      For bringing this to my attention, gracias!
      For Ohiolei. Great One.

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